Minorik Mitigation: About Us

Our company was founded in October 2019 and is a family owned business, a local company, and an IICRC-certified company. We founded the company for the following reasons: 

I worked for Service Master and did an estimate for my mom’s building. It was estimated that odor removal would cost $1200. As a result, I informed the owner of Service Master that I would charge $3000. In response, I asked my mom what I needed to do in order to work at the building part-time. My first step was to get insurance, then I completed the project. The actual customer was very satisfied with the price she received for that apartment. Later, a friend of hers (unfinished basement) flooded and needed to be dried out. Thanks to my air movers and dehumidifier, I was able to keep the room dry. Upon completing that job, I told my dad… clearly, I can do this, but I need more equipment, a truck and trailer, and whatever else is required to run a business. His next step was to purchase a beater truck, a beater trailer, 2 dehumidifiers, and 10 air mover units. After setting up an LLC, I and a few helpers proceeded with the process. 

For our main projects, we’ve always focused on water and mold, and we did a fair amount of hoarding and trauma right away.