Minorik Mitigation: About Us


Minorik Mitigation was founded in October of 2019 while I, Joseph J. Minorik V, was working for a franchise restoration company as a project manager. I was sent out to estimate a property for smoke odor removal. This property happened to be a property that my mother was the manager of. Knowing the pricing for projects (with profit being made) I assumed we were looking at a $1,200 project. I called the owner and told him what was needed. He replied, “We’ve been slow, charge them $3,000.” I informed him, “Look this is a profitable project already, and with it being a building my mom is in charge of… we have a guaranteed contract with anything they would need us for.” He replied, “I don’t care. Charge $3,000”.

I sat there for a moment and made my decision. I went to the customer and my mom and said, “This is a $1,200 project all day long, but they want $3,000.” Specifically looking at my mom I asked, “What do I need to be able to do this job on my own?” Her response was “I can’t have you work on the property without insurance.” I said OK and left.

Once I left the property, I went straight to a local insurance company and told them what I wanted to do, and they got me set up with what I needed. I then proceeded back to the property and provided my proof of insurance and locked in the job for $1,200.

Once the job was completed, we did a walk-through. The customers plus my mom were satisfied with the work I did. A few days later that lady referred her daughter to me for an unfinished basement that had some water in it. I had looked at it and decided I had everything I would need so I shot her a price and boom… locked that one in as well.

After that, I had my decision set in stone. The only problem was… I had no financial backing for everything I was going to need to make this work in the time frame I needed it to. After figuring out the Minorik Mitigation name I explored some investor opportunities and decided none of them were a good fit. The only good fit for a company that had my last name on it was going to be my parents.

Now my mom was already convinced, but my dad, however, was VERY skeptical. After a lot of heated discussions, arguments, and negotiations he decided to take the leap and finance this monster. He purchased a 2006 Chevy 1500 and a 14’ trailer with a handful of equipment and said I really hope I didn’t just make a bad decision and lose a bunch of money by doing this.

Skip ahead 6 months…

We exceeded all expectations set for that year and outgrew everything we started with. We were successfully able to provide the best service at the lowest cost while growing a start-up company. We were also blessed with two flood runs right in our own neighborhood that forced us to invest everything back into the company for more equipment. Within our first year, our “big name” competitors were starting to notice we were around, and we weren’t leaving any time soon.

Fast forward to 2023:

We have been able to provide service on a national level in multiple disaster areas with some of the best technicians in the industry. We are still able to beat all our IICRC-certified competitors when it comes to pricing and service. You won’t find too many restoration contractors putting their last name on their company like we do.